June 13, 2019 Podcast

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New in Theaters

Classic Cinema Corner

If you haven’t seen it in a while, I’d recommend checking out Walt Disney Animation Studios’ perennial classic Cinderella (1950). The film is being added to the prestigious U.S Library of Congress National Film Registry this year. It’s also being “released” from the proverbial “Disney Vault” on digital platforms on June 18 and on Blu-ray on June 25.

On the big screen, make sure to check out the baseball and Father’s Day classic Field of Dreams (1989), which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Part of this year’s TCM Big Screen Classics series, it will be wonderful to see this film with a beautiful digital print and in a theater with a bunch of crying dudes (myself included). The film will be screened on Sunday, June 16 and Tuesday, June 18. Check fathomevents.com/tcm for a screening near you. The film is also available on digital platforms and Blu-ray.

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