Movie of the Week for March 29-April 4, 2021

As mentioned in my March 15, 2021 podcast, I’ve started a new “Movie of the Week” feature. I’ll be recommending a favorite movie with the hopes that it will be a film that you’ll enjoy, too. I’d love to chat online about each week’s film on my Instagram and Twitter feeds if you’re so inclined.

This week’s movie is Passover and Easter themed. It’s Cecil B. DeMille’s Biblical epic The Ten Commandments (Paramount, 1956). Watching this film during Easter weekend on the ABC television network was a staple in my home growing up. It’s been years since I’ve seen the film, so I’m excited to watch it again during Holy Week this week.

My Instagram post gives the scoop:

Here’s a pic of the cover art for the new Blu-ray that I’ll be watching this week.

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