Pixar’s “Soul” Coming to Disney+

It has been a wild ride for the distribution of Pixar Animation Studios’ upcoming film, Soul. Due to the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, the folks at Disney and Pixar have decided to release the film on December 25 to Disney+ rather than move the film to a 2021 theatrical release date. While I’m sad not be able to enjoy the artistry of this Pixar film on the big screen (hopefully, we’ll get a chance in the future), I feel grateful that we at least get to see it this year.

Here’s the latest trailer.

Also, check out this cool track by Jean Batiste who is one of the songwriters on the film.

Here’s the latest poster for the upcoming Disney+ release.

©️ Disney/Pixar

Soul is coming to Disney+ on Christmas Day, December 25.

Teaser Trailer and Poster for Pixar’s “Soul”

We’re pretty excited about this new teaser trailer and beautiful poster for Pixar Animation Studios’ upcoming film Soul.

Here’s the poster.

©️ Disney/Pixar

We got a bit of a sneak peek of Soul at the 2019 D23 Expo last summer and it looks innovative, introspective, entertaining, and just overall terrific. Can’t wait to see this film.

Soul opens in theaters on June 19, 2020.